Autumn Themed Children Photography - Capturing Colors

Chicago Autumn Themed Children Photography Session - Capturing Colors

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”. Albert Camus

Fall is truly an ideal time of year for a wide variety of photography shoots. That is why nothing warms up my heart even more than the combination of the two: children photography and the fall season.

The great thing about Autumn is that it can provide us with a verity of wonderful backdrops.

Plus you don’t really have to look for sunny days to get you family photoshoot done. 

Don’t get discouraged if there is no sun shining! Your session should still take a place as those can actually be the best days. Overcast days help create a mood that you can’t get on a sunny day and the images are generally nice and rich. Just like you see on images below, which were captured on a cloudy day.